Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Is my son gay?

Being a single parent is rough, especially with Myspace. I have two kids who're online quite often, both of which have Myspace profiles. A while back I noticed that my daughter was getting hit on by older married men, including those with kids almost her own age. I've also seen that my son gets messages via Myspace from chicks who appear to be porn stars. Now I see that my son is getting friend requests from gay dudes who want to share nude pics! I've discovered naked pics of my son on his profile, so it's all very seedy. I want to barf. Is it because he's online and I dunno what to do about him? Is it because he's sharing naked pics? Is it because he's getting hit on? Is it because he might be gay (am I a homophobe)? Or is it because my son is a CAT, and I view bestiality as quite gross (gay or straight).

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