Friday, June 02, 2006

My Vagabond Existence

Some miscommunication and other factors has spoiled my otherwise planned day. For now I'm chilling in a Panera, using free wi-fi. I've already used free wi-fi at Maudes and some other place, I already forgot. I'm bored off my ass, wilting in the humidity, and homesick. What's odd is that I have Vicodin from my toothache from hell, but I'm not taking that, so if I seem loopy, it's from the insanity inducing boredom. OK, I should quit dumping my shit on you fine folks.

So anyway, I'm now getting the feel for homelessness. I'm not homeless, I own a house (ha, the bank owns most of it, but they're nice enough to let me live there), but for now I'm homeless. I must admit, it's not an easy existence. I'm half tempted to scamper to the liquor store next door and get a quart bottle (in the bag no doubt) to add to the authenticity--no wait, that's what the make Mad Dog for. I don't know what a real mad dog looks or acts like, but if Cuju slurped that shit, he'd be even more pissed (maybe if he was in here with free wi-fi, he could find a rabies support group online). By the way, when I watched it again recently, me and my girlfriend found ourselves compelled to root for the dog. He simply is a much more endearing character than that stupid skanky ho. Go Cujo!

So anyway, I guess my idealized memories of my old life in Gainesville have hit the stark reality, that it ain't home anymore, and there isn't shit for me to do here. Maybe I need a tour guide, the aforementioned Mad Dog, or a lobotomy. For now, I'll just finish my coffee drink (forgot what it was already), and surf the net. I'm pathetic.

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