Monday, June 19, 2006

The World's Game: part two

This morning meandering my way to work, I drove past a few cars with National flags on them. They weren't the usual Puerto Rican flag/air freshener on the rear view mirror or Mexican Flag/headliner one usually sees in my part of C-bus, they were the type shit usually reserved for Buckeye flags and stuff (the flags were those of Argentina and Brazil). I suppose it's World Cup pride (both nations are doing well enough, but nothing unexpected). It makes me recall a trip to Toronto, a city were national cultures are strong and well defined, during the last World Cup. It wasn't unusual to hear cars hooting their horns at 5am when Portugal won, nor was it unheard of to see a small (I'm being redundant) Ford Festiva packed with 8 Brazilians, with one holding an enormous flag out the sunroof--again hooting their horn). Polocks, Spaniards, Japanese, Koreans, etc ... ... There were even World Cup raves. We've all seen Super Bowl parties, but come on. This is off the hook. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and I kinda miss it. I'll have to make do with an occasional flag sighting for now. I guess I'll have gotten a full case of World Cup fever when you see my kitties dyed red, black, and gold.

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