Thursday, January 24, 2008

Return of an Old Friend

In times like these, with turmoil all over the world, soldiers off fighting wars, and people having to say hard goodbyes--sometime forever, it often seems so unreal.

Sadly for me it was all too real. It's so hard seeing a friend disappear for so long; harder still seeing him come back in a box; and worst of all opening the box and seeing someone else. It's all so fucked up.

At least there was something in the box, as it led to closure, and ultimately new beginnings, but dammit there was a part of me that left, and while I looked for it in the box it was gone.

My consolation prize, one month of X-Box Live Gold membership. Well I can at least use it on the replacement unit they sent me, and I can go fight in wars online. God Bless America!


Today I had a craving for a sandwich, and I wanted to get as close to satisfying that craving as I could without breaking the bank, so I went to Subway. A month or so ago I made the mistake of trying the Subway Feast, which was there best attempt to shy away from the wussy Jared image they created. Big mistake.

My strategy at Subway has degenerated to trying to disguise the taste of the meat type stuff as well as I can with jalapenos, banana peppers, and other fixin's. The Feast defeats this tactic by inundating one's taste buds with huge quantities of mediocre meat of various ilks. It all kinda mixes and mashes to form some dreadful ubermeat that likely will outlive us all (I really shouldn't anger it, should I?). Anyway, it was far too much work to try to pretend it was good. I vowed to never try that again.

OK, back to today. There was a huge line, filled with all of the usual Dublin cube-monkey cliche looks and styles, and lots of Bluetooth all around. I patiently waited my turn, and when I was second in line, the gal in front of me, a smallish seemingly human entity, ordered a double Feast. To which the "Sandwich Artist" gasped: "Oh My God" and offered a look of sheer disgust with a touch of terror. Other "artists" couldn't help but gawk at the meat-like monstrosity that she created. I merely tried to avoid vomiting.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I'd be dead without my pets

I sit here somewhat winded, dealing with a scratchy throat, runny nose, and general not-wellness, and I'm 100% better than I was earlier in the week. OK, enough bitching, I have a point. Check this out:

Pets: Good for Your Health?

So with 10 pets (two guinea pigs, three kitty cats, a bunny, two dogs, a turtle, and a chinchilla), I should be getting the full effect, for my physical well-being AND MY SANITY!!!!

Good Lord! I'd be schizophrenic or worse without them. I'd be comatose too. Time to get more pets. No wonder Jack Hanna always looks so healthy (Steve Irwin did too, but I digress).

Get yourself a pet! Stop by and help with mine!