Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Trip Home

Besides my unfortunate experience in Tennessee, I had a good trip home. I left early and made good time: I averaged 72 MPH, but that includes time spent getting gas (4 times), getting coffee (3 times, including two lengthy stops at Starbucks), stopping for pizza, a torrential downpour in Kentucky, and the time it took to get my speeding ticket. I rarely went under 80, and I spent more time in triple digits than below 70 (you can't listen to Rammstein and drive slow--go ahead try it; it's impossible). I spent too much time (and money) at Ikea, but it was a nice diversion, and I got some cool shit. I got to see lots of cars with either obviously redneck or obviously gay bumper stickers--quite a nice mix. I really enjoyed the big jacked up pickup truck with a giant rebel flag with the word "redneck" on it in giant script, like that isn't redundant. It's like a Mini with a gay pride sticker, which I saw a few of too. It really was a dull drive, a 13 hour dull drive.

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