Thursday, June 15, 2006

The World's Game

Well it's that time again, and it's been so for about a week. Of all of my eclectic global sporting interests (Formula 1, America's Cup, Olympic curling, etc...) my favorite by far is World Cup. I got a head start by being born to a German and German-American, living overseas, and getting soccer balls as gifts as a wee little one (well, relative to my present giganticness). I always enjoyed the sport, more so watching than playing, and I've been an avid World Cup viewer the past 12 years. Four years ago I had to wake up at 2:00am to watch games, either at home or at Crew Stadium, which was a sight to see. Games at Crew Stadium had relatively large crowds, showing their national colors, chanting, and munching on free food. Quite a few folks were quite inebriated, and certain matchups brought quite a bit of passionate hatred for the respective sides. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my moments at those games. This year the games start at 9:00am, so it's not so fun. A DVR is my saving grace, well that and my somewhat relaxed work schedule, so I have been able to watch most of the games.

Me and my boy Adler watched German yesterday, and he seemed to be kinda interested. I guess I'm just another dad trying to impose gender stereotypes on his kids. I should watch with my daughter, but she'd rather sleep. Being German (Adler is even a German name), we routed for our team, and fortunately they won, though the Poles played their hearts out. Whenever I watch Germany I think of the German term for World Cup, Welt Fussball Meisterschaft, which then reminds me to never play Scrabble with a Kraut. A few more weeks left, and I look forward to all the games, and one day I'd love to see one in person. I always enjoy the drunken fans, singing national chants, waving flares, lighting fireworks, and doing various dangerous things. I guess I should do it sooner rather than later, and maybe I should leave Adler at home. He can watch on TV--maybe with his sis.

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