Thursday, June 08, 2006

More Musings on my Journey

Well, I'm still in Florida, quite a ways from home, but I'm getting closer to the wonderful cow town that is Columbus. Along my journey I have seen billboards politely pleading people to not make meth (thanks Tennessee), ones proclaiming the human rights violations known as psychiatry (again, thanks Tennessee--maybe it's the shrinks that drive people to meth?), adult toy stores larger than any Toys R Us I've even seen (uh, you got it, way to go Tennessee!), and much more. I learned dolphins swim much closer to shore than I ever imagined (I've heard of swimming with the dolphins, but standing with them?), Euros in Speedos are merely a horrible childhood memory (perhaps some psychiatry or meth would burn those memories away), not a lasting problem, and there is a dance mix of Don't Stop Believin' (not that Journey should ever, ever be heard like that). I've seen more drive in churches (1) than drive in theaters (0), and I've seen more billboards warning that Jesus will kick my ass when he comes back (wasn't he supposed to be nice, these billboards make them out to be some bad ass, worse than a psychiatrist). Oh, there must be a lot of confused pregnant chicks driving around reading billboards down south. I've been reminded that seafood in Florida is much better than that in Ohio (I'm of the opinion that it's more the reflection of the disgraceful state of Midwestern seafood than anything Florida should be too proud of), and my family is pretty much the same as always. I've been reunited with friends from the past (don't want to call them old friends, as that isn't necessarily the case), and I've met folks I've heard about or merely known online. Despite my recollection of what a bunch of social drinking often homosexual types Nationwide employs in Florida, I was again surprised (not that there is anything wrong with homosexuality--they aren't causing gals to get pregnant and drive around looking for billboards with advice). Well, that's it so far. I guess nothing too exciting has happened. There is always the return trip.

Lastly, I know I definitely don't want to be away from my boo this long ever again. It sucks.

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