Sunday, January 21, 2007

We came, we saw, we took pictures

In my last post, I wrote about our upcoming trip to California, and what was once the future now is the past. A week of California Dreamin will take much more than a single blog entry--well, I can write and write ... and write, but alas few can read that much, so this likely will have a "to be continued" somewhere before too long.

Fearing the outcome of the Donner Party, we decided to fly to California, and the cheapest airfare led us to fly United. Soon we discovered that United was divided. Like most airlines, there is the fru-fru first class, divided by a curtain to keep the riff raff of coach away from their brie and crumpets, but there was a more sinister division among the ranks of coach. We noticed this when we along with our comrades all filed into the back of coach, with no one sitting towards the front. The imbalance was almost so dramatic that a wheelie wasn't out of the question. Folks crowded well within the realm of one another's personal space sought to stretch out in their own row, but they were thwarted by the forces of evil. You see those empty seats towards the front of coach were in fact Economy Plus, complete with a humane amount of legroom (enough to make an average person feel like a midget). To enjoy such comforts, one had to pay an extra $40. What a shakedown.

Anyway, we managed to make it to Sacramento, and I met Liz's parents. They pretty much were what I expected, and besides being deathly tired, all was well.

To be continued ...

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