Monday, January 08, 2007

Today is the day

After a month of anticipation, weeks of badgering and teasing, and the dread of dealing with sore winners (or more likely sore LOSERS), the day is upon us. The mighty Florida Gators, my alma matter and all around great school will face off against the hellions, hoodlums and hicks of THE Ohio State University. Unfortunately, I live in Columbus, home to all the aforementioned hellions, hoodlums, and hicks (fortunately many can't read and many more lack computers to read this).

Tonight I will join my brothers and sisters of the Gator Nation attending a viewing party at a friendly night spot, which hopefully will be safe if only through the strengths in numbers of concentrating all of us easy going pacifists in one place. Regardless, a fire extinguisher and bullet proof vest can always come in handy (this is Columbus mind you). Liz, my brave and too good for me girlfriend, who has no football disposition (though a hatred of all things Buckeye obsessed does brew within) will join me, which is rather kind of her. I hope she doesn't have to be a shoulder to cry on or worse, someone to bail me out.

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