Thursday, January 11, 2007

California, here I come

After completing a successful first encounter of the parental kind with Liz and my folks, soon I will be embarking upon a cross country journey to do the same with the parental unit of my boo. I'm not too nervous based on Liz's accounts of her parents, and I do have the ability to turn the charm on as needed. I'm actually excited to be meeting them, and I've always wanted to go to California.

Until recently my enthusiasm has been tempered by some of the uncertainty of the situation of those we'll be leaving behind--our furry children. Fortunately, a kind soul has come forward, and that seems to be under control. It's hard to find a solution for nine pets. Nine pets seems bonkers, but my two cats, three guinea pigs, and a bunny is relatively easy to tend to, and Liz's two dogs (we added a mutually acquired cat) are a handful, but nothing extra ordinary. When all nine join in to form a four-legged version of Voltron, it takes a special person.

What's really cool, is that I'll be able to go to the same aquarium as Star Trek IV (the Voyage Home). We'll also get to see whales, if not save a few, and maybe we'll break a few laws with Liz's fun and wacky friend.

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