Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Put a fork in it, it's done

Well 2006 has come and went, beginning and ending with uneventful New Years' Eves at home. Don't get me wrong, sitting at home and watching morons with those hokey glasses with the middle 0s as lenses can be a hoot (Liz posed a ponderous question, what will they do in 2010?). Plus the more recent eve was one of contentment rather than apathy.

A lot has happened this past year, mostly good, highlighted with meeting Liz, my boo. New additions include two dogs (one a goat-like basset hound, and the other a cross between a pony and a cow, otherwise known as a St Bernard) and a new kitty, and sadly I lost a piggy and my old dog my parents held onto. The greatest loss was my old friend Kevin, who wasn't at all old--far too young to die. I still feel bad for not keeping in touch more.

All in all, many of the things that I struggled with have become distant memories. No longer do I worry about selling the house, paying bills, or figuring out where I should go with my life, as the path has shown itself. To put it simply every aspect of my life has changed for the better.

What will 2007 bring? Well, likely a week or so of mistakenly writing 2006 instead of 2007, trips to Cali and Florida, and hopefully a national championship in football (who woulda thought 2006 was the year for Gator basketball?).

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