Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Rode Her Hard and Put Her Away Wet

Well, as you can tell from the headline, I'm spending more quality time with the jailbait I like to call Ashley. She's such a hot redhead, and her and I got some dirty looks today. Man I rode her hard, and she kept wanting more. Eventually she wore me out (my back is sore as fuck). Now she's all hot (and wet), and I have to just let her sit until I'm ready to ride her some more. Hopefully no one else wants to kick her tires.

I knew today would be a long day, and I wanted to really give it to her (she had just been bathed and got all lubed up), so I took a couple little blue pills. I thought they'd help me keep up. Now I'm so sore, I might have to pop a Vicodin just to recover from the day. She's so young and frisky, I don't think she's even phased by it all. I likely will wake up and want to rider her hard, so I should get some rest.

I dunno if it's legal for a guy like me to take a gal like her across state lines, as I dunno what they'd do to me in jail here in Georgia. Time to rest and recuperate.

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