Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Need Help!!!

Part of getting to know someone when things are getting serious is meeting their friends, their family, and most importantly their kids. Recently I've been a very lucky fella and met someone very special, who has really changed my life for the better. So far things have gone real well, and she's met my kids, and they seem to like her. One of my twins is retarded (the other is a flirt), but they seem to be alright with her. I wish the retard would talk, then it would be easier, but I guess I'm "insensitive" for being so demanding--whatever, I'm not the 'tard.

I'm not worried much about the family thing, as I think both sets of parents should be delighted that we are so happy, and they live hundreds (or in her case thousands) of miles away, so there is little that could go wrong anyway. That brings me to the current dilemma, one I'm seeking counsel on. What do to about my gimp?

I've had the little fella now for a few years, picking him up in a back room booth at the Swap Shop in Ft Naughtydale. He was the runt of the litter, and quite the needy fella. I've fed and whipped him for years, and we've bonded quite a bit (actually more bondage than bonding). She kinda knows I have a gimp, and she seems cool to the idea. How does one break the ice? Do I just invite her over and have the gimp running around and playing? Do I have him let himself out while her and I are sharing a moment, or do I just wait until she finds out my best man is a little dude in way too much leather? I take our relationship seriously, and I would never do anything to upset the gimp. This is all such a dilemma, and I should have thought about it sooner. What should I do?

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