Sunday, April 09, 2006

My Failings as a Father

Everyday I seem to read or hear something bad about Myspace, and more and more it seems related to the ongoing menace of sexual predators. Sadly it seems parents are either oblivious or overprotective. I keep telling myself that there is no need for me to be either one, but it seems that I have overestimated my parenting skills.

I live at home with my two kids as a single dad. I work full time, and I can't always be there for them. I don't send them to some sitter, as I was a latch key kid myself, and it seemed to have worked out for me. Now my naivety has revealed itself. My little girl has been online, and she has a Myspace profile. I try to be aware of things, and when I found out about her Myspace account, it piqued my interest. Like most teenagers, it seems benign--until you see the naked pictures, older men, lewd comments, and porn stars. When I snooped to look at the messages she gets from older married men with kids--it disgusted me. The whole mess is filthy.

What kind of sicko wants to look at a naked girl--my naked girl? What kind of dirtbag hits on her? What kind of dad lets this happen? I will wrap this up and return to lowering my head in shame. I am a failure.

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