Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I guess I'm not Psychic, or I Would Have Known

This weekend presented an opportunity to meet new people and attend the Gift of Light psychic fair. In the end I learned two things: ..1 the psychic fair was pretty lame and ..2 there really still are cool, interesting, and fun people to meet on myspace who aren't totally crazy. After the previous nights shenanigans, involving leaving my car in the wrong place (and having it towed by the bastard mother fuckers of Shamrock towing) and my tab open (and my debit card locked away at a closed Skullys), thus leaving me stranded twice over, having someone I just met drive me to get that shit taken care of was really cool. After that, it was off to the psychic fair. We get there, and well there isn't much to say. It was relatively small in size, and many of the vendors (I dunno what else to call them) were quite apathetic. I dunno if they 'sensed' my skepicism or just weren't trying too hard. Some people had products for sale, which ranged from potions, crystals, and aura photos to magic juices that cure just about anything. I guess the most interesting item I encountered was this magic substance to clean my feet. I can't imagine why I was singled out, but the salesman offered to cleanse my feet with the stuff. I explained I recently showered and that I was in fact a clean person, but he retorted with a claim that his special brew would clean my feet from the inside out. I passed.

One of my friends (once you help rescue my car you no longer are an acquaintance, you've earned friend status) wanted a reading, and she picked one of the few who seemed interested in doing their job. She had a tarot reading, which I probably could have done at Barnes and Nobles using a Tarot for Dummies kit. I suppose the tablecloth with guidelines on how to do the reading should have been a tipoff, but the real kicker was the utter confusion the reader had with every card she talked about. I can be a bit of skeptic, but really all I ask is that you seem like you believe in what you practice. I didn't quite get that impression, but we did get a laugh. Otherwise, it was really lame. Now if one of the psychics could explain what that smell coming from the cafeteria was, I'd be impressed.

Anyway, I still had a good time thanks to the crew I rolled with.

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