Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Lately I've spent more than a little time in the vicinity of THE Ohio State University, and I've come to find one particular thing baffling. Spending more than a little time in a college town, Gainesville, I come to expect certain things. I expect to find dudes sitting in yards drinking beer, even the cheap nasty shit they do here, and I'm not shocked to see a fancy-ass hookah on a porch either. The chicks lounging on the dilapidated roof of the porch of the "Luxury" apartments isn't so odd. What's mind boggling is this lame ass game everyone around here seems fixated with--corn hole. For the life of me I cannot imagine why someone would want to stand around with a bunch of dudes and throw a bean bag in a hole. Even if I consumed the aforementioned nasty beer or smoked out of the hookah, I couldn't fathom the interest in corn hole. What's even more odd is these dudes who are obsessed with aiming a bean bag in a hole are the same guys who cause me to have to watch my step around urinals with piss moats. Can someone explain what I'm missing?

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