Friday, April 28, 2006

How do you get bits of kid out of your shoes--I think I just stepped on one

Oh, its that time of the year again. Derby Day? Cinco de Mayo? May Day? No, it's bring your (or in some cases someone elses') kid to work day. I like kids, but there is something about a mob of kids running around, pushing all the elevator buttons, and giving me those OMG he's a tall mofo--he better not eat me looks. I never got to go to work with my dad. It would have been cool, and I might even know what he did for a living. I kinda wish I knew, but then again, I can pretend it was real cool. I did go to work with my mom, but that wasn't so much of a special event, and it was put your kid to work day. Whenever I go home, it's still an ongoing event. I think there should be a put your kid to work day, and with the relatively nice weather, they could have cleaned my car.

In the spirit of letting kids know what mommy and daddy do for a living, my employer (rhymes with Haitian pride) has decided to shuttle kids from meaningless meeting to meeting, unloading useless trinkets (does a kid really need a coffee cup?) and imparting wisdom like stay in school (gee, you can be a cube monkey like me!). Oh, who's the genius who decided the kids need candy. What, was the PCP already used up after the last Christmas party--er winter celebration. Again, it's a noble idea, and I'm sure these kids will chose the path of corporate mediocrity rather than sell their bodies for crack (we corporate sellouts tend to sell our soul for bad free coffee instead).

Now, I really think I need to get Peta onboard with bring your pet to work day. I'm not so sure bringing one of my kitties to work is a great idea, or even a good one, but maybe one of my guinea pigs would like the opportunity. I'm not sure how it would work with other pets, but it's worth a try. Maybe a bring your gimp to work day could spice things up too. Gimps don't get out too much, and well there's not much involving a gimp that isn't fun.

Writing a lot lately--interesting combination of being bored at work yet happy with life.

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