Thursday, March 30, 2006

Turning the corner again

This past month has been a little topsy-turvy, but things seem to be on the right track. This past month, some friends have let me down, others have been awesome, and another still I'm trying to figure out, but I'm taking my time. Many things that seemed bad really weren't, and other things that seemed wonderful have become quite cloudy. In the end, almost everything is looking better today than it was any time recently.

My dad had major back surgery a few years back (couldn't feel or even control his legs at times), and it was quite an undertaking. Earlier this month it seemed as if a similar procedure was needed to correct the same problem elsewhere on his spinal chord. Yesterday my dad had a much less evasive procedure done, and he went home last night. Being so far away, it was hard to not be there, but its really seemed relatively quick and painless (I'm not the one with the hole in my back, but then again he's got the oxycontin).

Similarly my ex, who has had a previous brain hemorrhage, seemed to have had another. While we broke up a while ago, it's hard to not care when something so significant and unfortunate seems to have happened. Being a recurrence, brain surgery may have been in order, which is always bad news, even if everything goes according to plan. Fortunately, the symptoms and initial tests were misdiagnosed, as it was just a relatively benign calcium deposit. Another significant concern working out for the best.

Lastly, today I just got done taking a test that most of my coworkers either fear or respect, and even one of the few smart people I ever worked with fail it the first try. Given all the other shit going on in my life, I kinda was a bum and didn't study at all. I skimmed through the chapters, never used the CDs, flashcards, study guide, simulated tests, or even studied the formulas. I only took the test because my window was closing and I'd rather suck it up and fail miserably than reschedule (I figure that would be the easy route). Either way I'd have to pay extra, but at least now if I failed I may have learned my lesson. I didn't figure I'd pass. I've been putting off looking at the book for a second time for ages, and every night this week I found a reason to postpone things. Well last night I was convinced that today would be Wednesday, thus giving me one last day to study and replace my broken business calculator. Well this morning I was trying to be Mr. Know-it-all by telling someone they didn't know what day it was—fuck, it was me who didn't know! No second skim, so I pretty much went into things without much of a care in the world (I even had a couple drinks before the test). Well, like the other instances, things worked out quite well. I passed, and it wasn't just scraping by.

Anyway, I'm meeting even more really really cool folks, and I've got to spend a lot of cool times with some old friends. I've started getting involved with more creative things, and I just am starting to feel comfortable again, which hasn't been the case in a few weeks. My Gators are in the Final Four, the weather is starting to get really nice up here in Ohio, and spring bulbs and groundhogs are popping out of the ground.

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