Monday, March 13, 2006

Dealing with Life

Recently, many of my friends (and myself), have expressed a general dissatisfaction with life to varying degrees. No one is jumping off bridges, but it's becoming an oddly common scenario. Everyone seems to have similar general symptoms, dissatisfaction with work, dissatisfaction with friends, and dissatisfaction with relationships. I don't know if misery loves company, and I simply socialize with folks who feel this way (I also hang out with folks who don't seem to be going through these issues), or how many people I know keep their feelings inside (perhaps it hasn't reached the boiling point—maybe one of the three aspects of life is going well) . Sadly, if you are reading this looking for immediate solutions, I don't really have any. All I know is that many people seem to be going through this right now, and I've been in and out of this situation.

I try to be a good coworker to make others' jobs more bearable; I know am can be a very good friend; and I try to do the best I can in a relationship. Are others trying? Are these new problems, or did our parents face these issues? Are we a spoiled lot, unable to deal with what life brings us, or are we living in a much more complicated world with very little we can depend upon when things fall apart? I think that's what we're dealing with (more complicated world where we have little to depend upon), and I've discovered having rock solid friends who will always be there is what can help keep things from moving from manageable dissatisfaction to miserable crisis.

I like to meet new people, try new things, and do a lot on my own, but I also like doing these things with old friends. When you're having fun with friends, whether it be doing something, hanging out, or just talking, there's a certain feeling of comfort and security, and while we must be able to exist outside that net, its nice to know its there. I find that I can wear down well intentioned friends by not giving them space to be themselves, so balance is needed.

For now, I'll try harder at being a good friend—sometimes my well-placed intentions get lost amid my somewhat crazy actions, and I can be more of a negative force than a positive one. For a smart guy, I don't always see things through other people's eyes. Maybe working on that could make me a better friend, and make my life and the lives of those around me better.

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