Monday, March 13, 2006

To My Friends

I know about the good guys/gals you let get away, and I know about the bitches and assholes you let stay around too long. I know about the poor decisions, indecisions, and complete fuckups. I know about the frequent changes in majors, careers, and philosophies on life. I know about the heartbreak, and I know about the tears. I know this, because I'm there for you, and always will be. I make these mistakes too, and I'm in no position to judge any of you, and as my friends, I accept you—even your faults.

Sometimes it hurts to see you folks make choices I don't agree with, and it hurts even more when you tried to make the right call, and it failed. It hurts because I care, but I will still care—no matter how much it hurts, as you are my friends. You may marry a lazy bum; you may get mired into an extramarital affair; and you may even be the one still married. I may be disappointed; I may disapprove; I will let you know how I feel; but I will always be your friend. I may get caught up in my life, and we may grow apart, but we will always be friends. For friendship is stronger than anything I know of in this world, as long as you care about it. I care about my friends, and their friendship. I hope they feel the same way too.

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