Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Luck has Run Out

Who the fuck invented the Pot Luck? It must have been someone who is a lot more lucky than me, as I never seem to see fortune smile on me when these dreaded events are thrust upon me.

Right now I'm being assaulted by the symphony of stench generated by six, yes six, crock pots bubbling mysterious ooze, deviled eggs that the devil himself would torture only the worst inhabitants of hell with, and countless festering trays of odd concoctions. Nothing is remotely healthy, and if you can't tell, it all scares me. Why should I trust the culinary exploits of would be strangers purely based on the fact that I work with them?

Today is a big pot luck day at work, so it's not just my department bringing out the 'old family recipes' (which seem more like the secret ingredient is a long departed old family member--poor Fido), but rather a whole building with crock pots churning on all corners of all floors. I'm quite surprised the lights haven't dimmed. What's even more odd is that it started in the parking lot, as one group of 'hard working' associates had set up a tailgate outside with a TV, grill, coolers, etc... Kinda hard to get much work done. Then again, to be honest, it's hard to work while being inundated with whiffs of nausea inducing fumes in here.

Gotta go find some place to barf.

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