Thursday, September 28, 2006

How's it Hanging?

There comes a time in every relationship when that awkward topic needs to come up; one you just don't know how to present to your loved one, yet still needs to be resolved. Liz and I fell for each other quite quickly, and it was almost like we knew each other for much longer. We had a lot in common, so much it might scare those who know us, but not too much for it to be weird. , well weirder than we are individually. Anyway, there was one thing we didn't have in common, and rather than confront her, I have dealt with it in silence.

You see I can be a little weird when it comes to some things, but I usually am right, and this was another case. I understand the proper way to position a toilet paper roll is with the paper hanging over the top and out the front. She seems to just hang it any old way. Surveys have continually showed a preference for the proper manner, both by homeowners and hotel operators. It also just looks right. I had be secretly adjusting the rolls to the proper configuration, fearing guests might notice her faux pas. Trying to be open and honest, I decided to discuss this with her.

After a few weeks of not quite figuring how to broach the subject, I managed to find the words, but they didn't come out right, as she seemed to think I'm just crazy, which is more than a little true. I expressed my feelings, and she still thought I was crazy. We kinda agreed just to disagree. I suppose if she's purely hanging it at random, she'll likely have it right 50% of the time, and I'll try to always change the rolls when possible. I love her too much for this to be an issue. I suppose eHarmony wouldn't have matched us up, but that would be a shame, as she's the greatest gal ever.