Thursday, October 19, 2006

I'm Surrounded by Lazy Wusses

I'm no water cooler etiquette scholar, though I suppose writing about this puts me among the more contemplative water cooler users, but I suppose it should be a common courtesy to refill the water cooler if you've depleted it. I know I'm a big strapping young lad, able to curl 5 gallon water tanks in each hand, but is it too much to ask the average dude to replace an empty water jug with a full one? I suppose the previous drinkers may have been ladies or perhaps elderly, but in two of the three (yes 3!) times today where I was greeted with an empty water cooler, I saw men departing the scene of the crime (the third time saw a solitary water cooler free of clues). Granted I guzzle a lot of water (I drink a shitload of hot tea--black in the morning, oolong midday, and green in the afternoon/evening--maybe jasmine every now and then), but changing that water cooler five times in two days is crazy. I imagine Han changes the water cooler in the Millennium Falcon every now and then. Chewie may owe him a life debt, but a bitch he is not.

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