Saturday, October 07, 2006

It's Official, I'm Getting Old

It all started six months ago, I parked where I should have known I'd get towed, and I left my debit card at the bar. Neither mistake worked out to well for me, but at least I found out real cool that my girlfriend would come through for me (the next day was our first encounter, and she helped me get it all straightened out). Twice in the past few months I've left the water running in the sink in the middle of the night (at least this icky boy washes his hands)--not a good sign. Yesterday I left my headlights on, and owing to the place I park, only the graces of one of those portable jump starters (likely designed for blonds in distress), saved the day.

Today I'm 30. It's a good age, and so far it's been a good year (check back with me in a few months for a more detailed assessment). I suppose I should expect to leave stuff in the microwave and maybe encounter a forgotten Thanksgiving turkey in the oven when I go to bake Christmas cookies. Now if only I could remember to take ginko biloba.

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