Monday, September 11, 2006

My Trip to The Renaissance Festival

Yesterday, I ventured to the Ohio Renaissance Festival, which was a first for me. It wasn't my first time at such events, rather the first for this particular one; nevertheless I had a good time. As a connoisseur of people watching, I couldn't pass up the event, as there really is nothing quite as interesting as dorks in their own element, or more specifically dorks in their carefully crafted non-existent element. You see dorks, which I might as well come out and admit my own dorkdum, are quite adept at augmenting the otherwise dull and uninviting real world with supplemental fantasy elements, which can overwhelm reality. Sometimes these alternate realities converge at an event such as this (comic book conventions, Rocky Horror nights, and goth clubs represent similar opportunities). Anyway, I knew I'd see awkward looking folks, those too pale, to androgynous, or unkempt for the real world, and they were there, as were dudes with long ratty hair, chicks with lots of cleavage, would-be pirates, gypsies, wenches, maidens, knights, fairies, berserkers, bizarre evil looking types, etc... All in all, a cornucopia of different people. The highlight was listening to a tarot reader mentioning the spiritual advisor pot-luck she recently attended. I could imagine a shaman holding a crock pot with Swedish meatballs asking a palm reader if she brought her famous deviled eggs, while in the background a a medium discusses a particularly difficult séance while dipping chips in a hollowed out crystal ball filled with dip brought in by a psychic who nods along with the conversation. Speaking of food, the food was good there too. I had a good time and would recommend it for most folks.

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