Friday, December 01, 2006

No Messin Wit Da 614

I've been home ill the past few days, with an added touch of foot pain likely induced by being stepped upon by the enormous puppy. In my boredom, I've watched a few movies (including some that I knew would suck, thus enhancing the potential for sleep--didn't work) and surfed the net a bit. In my travels, I read up on some underground DVDs (well I guess that cats out of the bag) containing fights from 'the 614'. Wanting to see if these videos are just lame (think Vanilla Ice on Celebrity Boxing), amusing (think bum fights), or hardcore (don't think I've really seen that yet), I check them out via YouTube.

The first clip is rather subdued, even boring (don't think I'll want to front that I represent the 614 after that):

The second has a cool sound track (representing the 614) and is a bit more chaotic and violent (probably just a tad worse than COPs):

The last one has a good ole fashioned cat fight:

All in all, more disappointing than amusing. I guess we always OSU riot footage:

Oh, btw, there is an webpage. Perhaps it's reach problematic status when people start buying URLs.

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