Tuesday, August 22, 2006

21st Century Ghetto Lemonade Stand

A few weeks back, I was taking one of my nearly too many shortcuts, driving through my neighborhood to avoid the congestion and construction on a nearby major road. Along the way I passed two schools, a church, and a quaint reminder of a bygone era--a lemonade stand. It brought back fond memories of my childhood. I look back upon those simpler times, playing Lemonade Stand on an old Apple II in my elementary school. I was quite the Lemonade tycoon, able to eclipse anyone with my trademark, "charge $1000 a glass, as mom will always buy at least one", strategy. I never actually sat on my ass in the Florida sun and tried to sell real lemonade, that's what other kids did--I focused on my calling, cyber lemonade sales. Well the memory passed, and I drove on. The kids seemed disappointed I didn't stop, but it's not like they had a drive thru.

Zooming ahead to the closer to present, I recently was driving home, this time not on any short cut and venturing along a bigger road, and I saw something novel and quite unexpected. A tend with a few TVs, some rather ghettofied folk, and a sign up "Madden '07 Tournament $25". I'm sure it had all the proper permits, licenses, and permission, and I also suppose whoever had the extension cord plugged into their home knew about it (and isn't getting a government subsidised electric bill). It all was very brazen, only feet away from a major road, and it was also quite popular, especially given the entry fee. I was quite impressed, and I was a little envious of their entrepreneurial acumen.

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