Monday, July 10, 2006

Sheena Was a Man ... or was she?

This weekend I made a horrible discovery, the likes of which shook my world. When it happened, all I could compare it to was Tone Loc's horrific discovery that Sheena was a man. What could be such a horrible surprise? Well I discovered what I have taken for granted, what I sleep with, what I knew to be true wasn't. I discovered that my down comforter was ... down alternative. It felt like down, and it was quite nice, but the tag said 100% polyester. It was like finding out Hitler was a Jew or something (uh, nevermind). Living in Columbus, I've built up a strong hatred of Canadian Geese, their attitude, and the shit they leave on the sidewalks at work. Knowing they've given their annoying lives for my own comfort makes me happy, but to hear that my comforter is really polyester is quite a let down.

Anyway, my close sleeping companion was shunned, and I rather lay in bed freezing uncovered than allow the the bedding that betrayed me. I grabbed another blanket, likely filled with polyester itself, but certainly not masquerading as anything else. Yesterday I cleaned the duvets on several comforters, including the one that betrayed me. Upon replacing the duvet on the wretched betrayer, I noticed a different tag, one that said 75% down. Had I wrongly accused my comforter of being a fraud? Was I rash and quick to judge an otherwise innocent comforter? Well, I guess I was wrong, and I accepted my comforter back into bed. All was well again, and my comforter kept me nice and warm. I suppose I can be a bit silly at times.

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