Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ever Pee in a Library or Church? I have.

Doubtlessly this will not be a surprise, but men are weird. Some more than others. Having not resigned myself to the simplicity of Depends, I need to use the bathroom from time to time, even while at work, though oddly enough there is no bath in the bathroom there. Anyway, some men do some really odd things (worry not, I won't be writing about dudes who poop in urinals--oops), but for now, I'm confused with reading habits. I like to read, probably read more than all but the most scholarly book worms (though my choice in subject matter can fall a tad short of scholarly), anyway, I tend to leave my love of reading at the bathroom door. I simply have found better places to read, and when it comes to the bathroom at work, it's an in and out affair, without much delay. So I wonder who not only feels the need to read while, uh, doing their business at work, but also feels the need to leave materials behind for other enjoyment? Do folks who bring a paper to the John and leave it behind for others, think they are doing a public service? What's odder is when I lived in Florida, I'd often see radical, often deeply bigoted, "Christian" comic books on the top of urinals for folks to read. I guess folks looking for a new take on religion should look in the bathroom. Well, I guess public bathrooms are centers of religion and scholarly endeavors.

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