Monday, February 20, 2006


Over the years I've developed an affinity for sports, hobbies, activities, etc ... that fall outside the mainstream, or at least the white middle class mainstream. I'm not talking about snowboarding or any extreme sports. If its on ESPN at least once a year, no dice. Likewise for lumberjack competitions, which can be amusing, but still relatively mainstream. What I'm talking about is America's Cup Yachting, Formula 1, and at the moment curling. I don't know if it's because I want to be different (in case you didn't notice, I'm a little out there without eccentric sports interests) or if I just want to make sure someone appreciates the efforts of those who participate. I imagine quite a bit of that goes into it, as I'm always fascinated with the focus and effort people put into these activities. So back to curling, which I'm watching on TV now. You won't see it on TV outside the Winter Olympics once every four years, and even then its relegated to CNBC, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, don't feel bad. If you ever flip through the channels and see a bunch of people on a sheet of ice with brooms and big rocks, well that's curling. At first it kinda looks like team shuffleboard for janitors, and I guess that's not too far off. Anyway, someone slides a rock down the ice at a target while their teammates affect the speed and 'curl' of the rock by sweeping in front of the rock (its spinning, so the less you sweep, the more it curls). I won't go further into how that works , but it does. Teams take turns, often targeting opponent stones as much as anything, and it's an interesting thinking persons' sport. I imagine outside the Olympics curlers would keep a six pack on the ice to make it more interesting. Oddly enough it seems to be a young persons' sport (I can't see how youthful strength and energy helps, but it must), and its not coed. Men and women compete separately (I'm trying to figure that one out too), and CNBC only seems to show the chicks (that may not be such a mystery). So I watch, learn, and am impressed with the knowledge of the commentators and the bizarre lingo of the teams. The British gals sound like scurvy pirates, the American gals like Canadian expatriates, and the Japanese yip and yap with an energy and ferocity that only is seen in Godzilla films. I can't imagine there is much to say besides broom, broom faster, and damnit sweep mother fucker. If you think curling is boring, it's probably more interesting than this blog, but you're probably right.

I'll keep watching though, as at the moment I'm kinda spacey and daydreaming a lot, so its not too involving.

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